Mutual Fund Tax Primer for the FY 2015:16
by Research Team

Posted on January 01, 2016

Capital Gains Tax

1. For investors having total income exceeding 1 crore, additional 10% surcharge is applicable

Dividend Distribution Tax

Definition of equity and non equity fund as per tax laws

Income Tax Slabs

Advance Tax Payment Schedule

Capital gains in SIPs

For Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) the tax liability is a mix of long term and short term capital gains. For equity funds, capital gains in SIP instalments less made in the last 12 months will be taxed at 15% (plus cess) when you redeem your units, whereas the SIP instalments that are more than 12 months old are exempt from capital gains tax. Calculation of capital gains tax for redemption of SIP investments is not simple, but we will do it for you. You can generate your capital gains tax statement from our website. You can use our capital gains tax statement to pay your advance tax and attach in your Income Tax Return filing.